Royal Dornoch

Stayed in a hotel in Brora last night. The pleasure of a shower after 2 nights wild camping! As a result there was a bit of a late start on the walk to Dornoch. Picked up my old friend JGT (John O’Groats Trail). This runs from JOG to Inverness but I’d never heard of it until day1. Opened in 2015 it’s not finished yet and the way marks have been made with typical Scottish economy. So I keep losing it, then finding it again!

Today’s pic may give the impression that I’m lazing around in the Loire valley but is in fact Dunrobin Castle, the seat of the Duke of Sutherland.

Karen did more pack carrying again today and booked me into a campsite in Dornoch as I’d threatened to wild camp on RDGC links…probably wouldn’t have but very tempting.

Adam Clarke